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Mar 30, 2011
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Great thread, we just took my kindergartner to a 4h sign up today. He won't have to show rabbits yet but can have a pet that he works with. He was telling me how he "has" to play with it as part of his project. He is so excited about it. I am too, truth be known. The 4h advisor told us she recommended a breeder pet quality rather than the feed store or pet store rabbit. Any recommendations for Southeastern Ohio (or western Ohio -- near our parents) breeders? You can PM me.

Since this is a chicken forum, we considered chickens but he doesn't want to do a "meat" bird. And there are issues with taking a bird and bringing them back to our flock that I am not ready to deal with. This young lady art the 4h expo brought a modern game hen and rooster and walked around with them. My boys were so excited, they told them about our bantums and large fowl, so cute to see them talk about our birds with other "chicken" people.

I am off to search this forum for other rabbit info.

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Nov 2, 2010
We started owning rabbits last year, and my family loves it! ( My dad said he'd even like some more... just wish he could say that about chickens... haha!) But we started out rescuing a Champange d' argent from my mom's high school students, who was just going to kill it then depose of it because it was to small for meat, so we took Charlie in. Then, Charlie went to a nice home where we 'traded' (Not really...) rabbits. The breeder wanted Charlie, and we were getting rid of him since he contiluasly bit my dad and drew blood, and drew blood on me. So, we kind of swapped rabbits. we got a 5 week old Checkered Giant, who (out of 12 other litter babies, which he brought) was the only girl. We stil have charlette, and she is about 7-9 months now. She is the best rabbit we've had, and she loves to cuddle! She's so cute too! Next, we got two pedigree mini-rex. My brother wanted a rabbit (Browniwe, Brown mini-rex) and I got Bunnie (lynx mini-rex). Then we gave Bunnie to a little girl who's other bunny just died, and we got Skittles MountGomery. (Like the middle name?) Who is a American Chinchilla. But Skittles is a boy, and all of our other rabbits our girls, and my dad really doesn't want to have to be responcible for babies... so sometime this week my mom'ss high school student (a different one) already has 2 american chinchillas, so he'll have buddies who are his own kind! But here are some pics... oh and not to mention we're looking for more :D. Hopefully.... a LIONHEAD!!! :)

( charlette, Checkered giant)

( Brownie, brown mini-rex, pedigree)

(Bunnie, Lynx mini-rex, pedigree)

( skittles, american chinchilla boy)

To see more pics of my rabbits... go to double-yolkerfarms.weebly.com :D


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Feb 12, 2011
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Thank you everyone I keep learning new things all of the time for him! I went and picked him up this morning, he is VERY cute and loving, I sat with him on the couch today for a good thirty minutes while he slept on my chest, he is 8 weeks old tomorrow. She gave me some timothy hay, and pellets for him until I can decide what to give him, I also gave him a carrot this afternoon, he loved it, but are they okay for him? Also with a water what does everyone recommened? I got one that hangs from the side, but it happens to leak, so i'm not sure if there is a solution for that!

Here is a photo of him!

He is VERY cute!


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Mar 27, 2011
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Walter is doing great, I am so happy that this thread is still going! How does everyone play with their rabbits? I just hold him and he smuggles up in my hair but I feel like he needs to play, rabbits are rather different, my hens I can tell what they like, if they want to spend time with me ect but Walter is a bit harder!


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Aug 4, 2011
ive heard males were more agressive but every bunny ive met has been eqaul it think it depends more on personality. I love lion heads, angoras, and mini rex but they are all kinda high maintianence!


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Jun 4, 2011
The word is out in the neighborhood, everyone comes to me with their animal issues these days.
I am dog sitting, and the neighbor behind me brought me an English Angora bunny that was abandoned when some folks moved & left him there. He is very young... not sure how young, but can not be more than 10 weeks. We have a vet appt. on Friday.

I wonder though, I am down to my last few pounds of rabbit pellets, and have to run to the feed store. I believe Angoras need more protein, is there a feed you all would recommend? I'd like to make the switch now while I have some to mix in for a few weeks. He has had enough change.

He was left without food or water for at least 2 days! He was pretty matted, but I have gotten all but 2 of those taken care of. About to groom him the rest of the way.
He has an incredible amount of hair, even after I had to cut the mats out. I have a large toothed brush, and a small metal tine brush. I should use both, correct? Or will the little metal bristles mess up the fiber when I go to spin it?


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May 25, 2011
we have a holland lop *female* she has a stumpy hind leg due to her mom .. im hoping to still be able to breed her...and a netherland doe as well... now im searching for bucks and a meat breed pair.. here is a few pictures of the ladies

this is peanut or as my 3 year calls her PBJelly

and this is Thumper my holland lop doe..she is picking the fur at her face anyone can help me why she might be doing that??

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