Rabbit Raising thread!

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  1. Are you kidding me? I LOVE THEM!!

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  2. No...What am I even doing in here?

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  3. Kind of...

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  4. I like them!

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  1. Hey guys! I made this thread so we can talk about rabbits (Raising them, Keeping them as pets, Ext). I absolutely LOVE RABBITS! They are awesome!!
  2. This is my girl, Lavender.
  3. She is a Holland Lop [​IMG].
  4. [​IMG] This is Peter. Any idea's on his breed?
  5. Cool thread! :D I used to have 4 Mini Lops named:

    Sugar Muffin
  6. Cute! I rabbits are awesome. .
  7. My most recent rabbits were two champagne d argents. Pepper and Jellybean.
  8. I have to power wash my hutch this summer. :p

  9. Cool!
  10. I Love champagnes. They are very mellow rabbits.

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