Rabbit Stew

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  1. From an instructor when I was in Chef School:

    (Another CCA recipe from the great chef Brian Mattingley, attempt this one when you're feeling brave, it's AMAZING)

    Rabbit Stew:
    (chicken pieces may be substituted)

    Marinate rabbit 24 hours in marinade (zest of lemons, oranges, thyme, basil, olive oil, balsemic vinegar, chopped carrots, onions, celery, and leeks).
    Remove rabbit from mirepoix and drain.
    Saute rabbit in olive oil until golden.
    Drain and saute the mirepoix with rabbit, deglaze pan with the drained balsemic (marinade) and reduce 3/4, then add chicken stock. Remove rabbit. Reduce braising liquid by 3/4, strain liquid and serve over rabbit as needed. Serve w/ Rice Pilaf, garnish with dried fruit, toasted coconut, and nuts.

    Rice Pilaf:

    2 Oz. Butter
    3 Oz. Onions (fine dice)
    2 C. Long Grain Rice
    3-4 C. Water or Chicken Stock
    Thyme & Bay Leaf
    S & P

    Sweat onions in butter, add Rice, Thyme & Bay Leaf
    and sweat turning rice in mixture to coat with butter and
    spices. Add stock (or water) and bring to boil, cover pot with
    foil and bake in 450 deg. oven for 17-19 minutes (be sure
    liquid is boiling when pot is placed in oven !!). Remove, let
    stand 4-5 minutes, then fluff, season S & P, and garnish
    with raisins and toasted almonds.
    You come in alive
    You go out dead

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