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May 22, 2017
Southern Alberta
I hope my creepy title caught your attention.

Back story:
Since I am not a millionaire i didn't feel like buying hundreds of feet of chain link wire to build my pheasant, chicken and turkey enclosures. I used poultry wire which is real good for keeping poultry in.... while predators kill them.

a) replace all chicken wire with some kinda predator proof wire..... pfff not gonna happen.
b) set traps for the selfish predators around my poultry infrastructure..... mmm they neighbour just bought a $1600.00 puppy so maybe not.
c) hunt and kill local predators...... I have a job, aint nobody got time for that.
d) breed rabbits and release many many of them around my poultry infrastructure in hopes that a predator choses to eat them rather than tear through the wire and eat my birds..... bingo, option d) it is!

so far the rabbits I have released remain within about 50 yards of my chicken coop. it is rather funny to watch them when they are being chased by both dumb dogs and rambunctious teenagers. the rabbits act like there is an invisible wall in a 50 yard radius of the chicken coop. Mind you, I have only released unwanted male rabbits thus far.

in the long term i'll be breeding my rabbits to be as slow and dumb as possible,

so, will this work? will the predators spare my birds and eat the rabbits I so graciously offer them?


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