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Hi, I am trying to breed two rabbits but the buck is not interested in the doe at all. I'm pretty sure I know the problem, but I'm asking just to be safe. They're not the same breed, she's a flemish giant and he's... I honestly don't know what he is, a friend let me borrow him and he's the size of a normal rabbit. She really likes him, she's sniffing him, cuddling him, laying down next to him being his pillow, sniffing some more, trying to push herself underneath him and stuff like that, but he has no interest in her what-so-ever. Is the fact that she is twice his size the issue? It's the only thing I can think of. Please answer asap because I only have him til the end of the day.
Does he breed other does? Also, Are you sure he's a buck? What does the vulva on your doe look like? Rabbits don't really have heat periods but sometimes they are more receptive than others. If she is moist and pink the problem is not the doe. In fact a lot of times when you put the buck in with another rabbit he will try to breed it no matter what sex it is. I am no expert but my guess is you may need to find another buck if you want baby rabbits.
Also, I have two other Male flemish giants, but one is my doe's father and the other is her brother and I don't want to start any inbreeding. I've heard that it's not a problem when their siblings, and I'm curious to know if that true. Would it be alright to breed her with her brother? I don't want any problems which is why I've steered away from that, and now I'm just asking a second opinion. Thanks =)
Yes, my friends have bred him with their female rabbit before, which is why they were so willing to let me borrow him (but I've never really seen him til now and didn't realize how small he was). I know she's ready for she has shoved her hind end underneath him several times by now, but he just has no interest with her. I'm guessing she's just too big for him
I've heard that if you let him spend the night in her cage, he may be more interested in the morning. If you haven't already, you might try placing him on top of her to help him get the idea.

Here's what one person on the web says:
Bucks are not often unwilling but heat can certainly have a detrimental effect. The relocation technique is very effective especially on older bucks.
Sometimes I put two bucks next to each other with the doe next to the buck that is unwilling. He is soon feeling compelled to protect her from the other potential suitor!
Wheat germ and vinegar are also helpful.
With old bucks try to offer him two does at a time to spark his interest. It usually results in a mounting circle with buck on doe, doe on doe and doe on buck. Quite comical but effective.
Check his genitals to be sure he doesn't have a vent disease. If you see signs of inflammation or pustules on the penis or scrotum, treat with antibiotics and retry when you are sure he is no longer infected. Remember that vent disease is sexually transmitted and can leave some rabbits sterile.
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Hmm... I'd have to get permission from his owners to keep him over night it I'd want to try keeping him in her cage. I had him in there for an hour and kept her in the breeding pen during that time, then attempted to breed them again but he still showed no interest. And I did place him on top of her once, but he just sat there and didn't do anything. He was just not interested. The doe was trying to show him what to do and everything so I know she's ready. The only thing I could think of is that he was intimidated by her size
It's not a size issue at all, it's something else wrong with the buck. Male animals really don't care about size, they'll happily climb up on any semi-receptive female. My bantam roosters loved mating with my full sized hens
It's not her size. It's him. Trouble with leaving him with the doe is that you won't know if he did the deed or not.

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