Raccoon attack, bird with an injured neck.

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10 Years
May 3, 2009
Stratford CT
Last night I was woken by horrible sounds from our garden, raccoons had managed to grab one of my sleeping chickens by the neck through a little hole in their coop I had never noticed before. It was trying to rip her head off, I walked up to it screaming at it to let go, and it just carried on until I hit it with a plank of wood, it was so determined it was going to get her it had no fear of me. We are in the suburbs so they are more accustomed to humans than a country raccoon might me.

The chicken now has a very droopy neck, can barely hold her head up, and one of her eyes is closed up tight like she has a shiner. I have been dropper feeding her sips of water since last night. She cannot seem to stand up on her own, just hunches into the corner and falls backwards with no support. What are her odds of survival? I don't know whether to have her put to sleep, or continue to try and feed her and see if she recovers, I'm worried she has a spinal injury. The raccoon was huge, had to be at least thirty pounds, and was trying to pull her head through a small space, so you can imagine she has either terribly strained muscles or something is dislocated.

Any advice is appreciated.
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I am sorry this happened to your hen. The only one who can make the decision on what to do is you, when it comes to putting her down or trying to save her. Maybe we can help if we can understand just how bad her injuries are. Although internal injuries are probably likely and causing some of the issues you are seeing with her inability to stand. Can you post some pics of her and her wounds? Be sure to add 'graphic pics' to your title if you do, so sensitive folks aren't surprised by them.

The main thing now is keeping her quiet and encouraging fluids. Vitamins/electrolytes would be good in her water. She may be in shock, so keep her warm (not hot, but not chilly). Offer free choice feed, but she won't likely want it. You can try a mash by watering it down and encouraging her to drink it. You want to focus on keeping her from dehydrating most of all. I hope some of this helps.

eta - be sure to flush the wounds and keep her away from anywhere flies can get in contact with her.
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