Raccoon attack- chicken alive but injured in beak area-HELP

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  1. Bizzlecakes

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    Jun 21, 2016
    Backstory- our two year old, good health red star Lucy was attacked by a raccoon one week ago today. She suffered the lose of her eye, part of her tongue, part of her comb and has some scabbing on the hard palate(?) area of her upper beak, and her beak does not close completely.... There is also some light discolorization on portions of her upper beak. She can move it to squawk and drink. I see no signs of infection and we have been using vertericyn spray on the facial and comb wounds 4-5 xs a day. She still gets up and runs away when she sees e bottle come out, but otherwise I just catch her laying around kinda stunned looking.
    When we first brought her in, she was alert, able to eat some mash and drink small amounts of electrolyte water..even laid an egg.
    But in the last couple days, she seems to have given up. Her remaining eye is still bright and focused, but she seems sad...I can force her to drink small amount of water from a spoon, but she will not even try to eat. Not food, not mash, not treats of any sort... When I was in the room with her I heard her fart- chickens aren't supposed to fart, right?
    That means she isn't eating at all, right? I think part of it might be the discomfort of the scabbing on her upper beak, but I have a few specific questions.
    1. Seriously, I know it's weird but the farting thing, chickens aren't supposed to do that, right?
    2. How long can a chicken go without eating? The scab in her beak looks ready to fall off in the next couple days.. Could she make it?
    3. Could she be depressed? If I put her outside in a mini fence for a few hours tomorrow it could help her feel happier? Force the will to live into her little body?

    thanks in advance!
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    Apr 25, 2015
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    I would see of she does better by making her a secluded area in the coop so she can see the other chickens.

    If she doesn't get better and you don't have a vet to take her to, and she is suffering think about what she is feeling, and what you think she would like best
  3. Bizzlecakes

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    Jun 21, 2016
    When I checked on her this morning, she was up and waiting for me to open her window, and then she had a pooh. Kinda a watery one, but she had one! Never in my life would I have thought that I'd be this happy over a chicken pooping.
    We're going to set up a caged area in the grass beside the coop so she is safe from the other chickens, but in veiw. We think it will help her snap out of the funk.

    We've had a contingency plan in place since the night it happened... But we don't like to give up unless we know for sure that the chicken will not make it, you know?

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