Raccoon attack to duck... leads to death ?


Jul 15, 2016
I recently had a raccoon slip into my ducks coop at night through the vents (which are now covered up with hardware cloth like a jail) At the time I got to her I didnt see any puncture wounds only a superficial scrape by her wing and neck...BUT she could not lift her head up. I immediately took her in the house, put her in the tub, removed feathers and cleaned the wounds. Tried to keep her neck propped up. The next day I still had her drinking water (by me holding up her neck of course) but she wouldn't eat anything. She wanted to and tried but then would just stop. After 48 hours she would have a poop here and there but not a normal one and she still wasn't picking up her head. I panicked and called the only Avian vet in my area and begged them to see us. He was very nice and we actually worked together with the duck. We pulled fathers looking for more injuries. We came upon 4 total puncture wounds in my duck, Diane's) neck. Teeth marks. Her neck was badly bruised. The vet told me its nearly impossible to break a ducks neck and that by how badly bruised it is its probably VERY sore and neck injuries take a lot of time to recover. The puncture wounds were actually already healing but there was one that he said was a little abscess and he hands on showed me how to massage it to drain it. He showed me how to tube feed Diane as well. He measured how far down her crop was, gave me the measurement and even gave me the same syringe he used. Sent me home with antibiotics and pain/inflammation reliever. I washed her wounds 3 times a day with antibacterial soap.. massaged and drained the abscess. Started smelling better. I tube fed her the first night. All went well. The next day I tube fed her (baby parrot formula) and later when I gave her some water to drink alot of the food came back up. She also kind of started freaking out quacking, which is something she didnt do while i had her inside. I propped her neck up and later that night she seemed fine. It was time to tube feed her again and i was very afraid to do it. It was like I knew something was going to happen. I fed her.. gave her water and while drinking food came up again. I propped her neck up and had to go to bed for work. When I woke up at 5am, she was dead and had food and what definitely looked to me as bile coming out of her mouth and nose and it was all over the towel she was on. I was completely devastated, still am. It's playing on my conscience that I did something wrong.. that I made a mistake and its my fault.. Its eating at me. Even though friends thought I was crazy for all the work I was putting into a duck... I still feel like I caused this. Her raccoon bites were looking better.. i just dont get it. Can anyone maybe shed some light on what could have happened? Could I have done something wrong? Thanks all. I feel so heartbroken for Diane's companion Jack. He looks for her now everyday.. I have to trap that Raccoon.
Thanks everyone for listening to my story. I appreciate it.

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I'm sorry for you loss.

Hopefully someone with experience in duck care will chime in, but please don't beat yourself up. You didn't do anything wrong, you sought help from your vet, cared for and loved her, sometimes that is all you can do.

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