Raccoon attack

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8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
My girl Whip got it good from a raccoon on Thursday. It is roughly a 3.5 x 2" injury under her wing.

Right or not, we left her alone the first night and second day. She has been eating and drinking but not getting around as well as we would like. She was outside with me for a while and ate what I put out for her. She also came out of the coop of her own accord every morning since the attack.

We did some reading and have tried to piece together the best we can for her based upon our knowledge level (zero) and our comfort level (not much better)

We have as gently as possible washed with warm water with epsom salts and we trimmed away the remaining feathers as best we could and loaded her up with neosporin.

We have her in a dog carrier nice in dark with some warm towels food, applesauce, and water with Pedialyte in it.

Here's the problem, and I'm sorry that I don't currently have a picture to show.

There is a flap of skin hanging roughly at the end of her breast bone. It was more of a flap yesterday, but has now sort of balled up. I realize the tissue is in the process of dying, but when I looked at it was just too afraid to cut it for fear she would bleed or worse there was some vein or artery in there that I don't know about and I'd just kill her outright. Fooling with this piece of skin definitely causes her discomfort (or is it more fear?), she was shivering like crazy and I tried to touch it as little as possible.

Note: The remaining injury has dried up and doesn't look too bad. There is a bit of a thick spot of skin where it ripped off by her leg, but in general it is lying flat and I just put a big blob of neo there.

Not sure where to go with it all now. Should we let that piece of skin continue to dry up and die? Will it be easier to cut off then?

Vet isn't an option at this point, we just don't have the funds for it, and are not even sure we could find one in this area that would help her.

I have a friend who is was an EMT and is now and ACO, who I hope can be of help, but currently can't reach her.

I know this is all over the place, but I just don't know what to do now.

Thanks for the help.

Update she appears to be resting more comfortably in the dog pen. She pooped (nothing alarming). I fed her some mealworm treats and she liked them a lot. So far she has turned her nose up at the applesauce I offered and I haven't managed to get her to drink but it is readily available to her.

Anyone have any thoughts on that flap of skin?

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