Raccoon, more suggestions? Poison?


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
West Virginia
I am so discouraged. Usually we have pretty good luck trapping coons with our humane trap, but a coon has been trying to get into the coop for quite a while now, and I have tried baiting our trap with everything I can think of and it is just ignoring it.

It must be a trapwise raccoon, I expect.

Sooner or later if I cannot get rid of it, it will get in. As it is, last night it killed my favorite peahen. I am terribly upset.

Is there any way to put out poison for a coon? I don't like using poison, but I am getting desperate.

Help! Any other way to kill a coon, other than trapping it?

did you try marshmallows?
you could shoot it or make your coop stronger
isn't it illegal to poison large animals? you might poison something you don't want to.
Help! Any other way to kill a coon, other than trapping it?

I sit out many a night with my 12g. pump shotgun. Have to have patience. Better to do it now while it is still kinda warm at night as opposed to the freezing cold. Have done both to avenge my hens!

I did catch a racoon once in a trap using canned cat food. Maybe was just luck. Here's wishing you some of that luck!
Raccoons can't resist Pepsi. Yes I said pepsi cola. Not Coke, Pepsi. I used and old butter dish and filled it with pepsi. Caught her first night I put it out. I tried cat food, marshmellows, etc first but it didn't work. Old farmer told me pepsi is what he used and it worked. Good luck...
Well, I can try the Pepsi. I do understand all the problems with poison.

We have worked and worked on the coop but it is old and one day that coon will succeed if I can't stop it.

I am just heartbroken over my lovely Peahen.

If I poison it, I am not planning to advertise the event.


I had some trap wise raccoons over the past two summers. I strung a strong string between two poles on my deck. From the string I hung a foil ball of chicken bones just out of reach of a raccoon. With lights out I shot them from the window of my house while they were reaching up. The angle of shooting put the bullet in the ground if I missed. I think this works remarkably well.
I caught a large mama coon that kept tripping the trap without getting trapped by using a partially opened can of sardines. She had to fully enter the trap while she was working to get the sardines out. Got her.
I typically have used a live animal trap to trap coons, 'possums, etc. But, I had this one critter that would never go into the live trap to get the bait I had in there. He had gotten "trap wise" somehow. Probably was with one of his buddies that got caught. Every night he came into the barn and made a mess of my feed. I figured out where he might be coming in, so I found the narrowest spot, dug a small hole, and put two steel traps into the hole so they weren't above ground level, and secured them. I didn't bait them. I didn't want him to discover the traps until it was to late. The next morning I went out to the barn, and there he was, caught in both traps. I dispatched him with my rifle.

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