Raccoons severely attack Lakeland woman


13 Years
Sep 7, 2009
Wesley Chapel FL
This is why I don't feel bad when I trap and have to euthanize raccoons, now they are attacking the elderly

A raccoon is in the same family with bears. Glad they are not as big as bears. There is a over abundace of them in OK. and everywhere else it seems. Anybody out there if coons are hanging around you home please dont feed them. Make sure your pets dishes are empty after dusk. It would be a good thing if coon skin hats became as popular as baseball caps!
And the scene from "The Great Outdoors" with the coons eating the garbage is so funny~~poor lady! She will never fully recover from this, always be afraid to step out her backdoor after this. The rabies series won't be any fun for her either. I was listening to a guy on TV the other day on a newshow, and he said they actually give injections of the rabies vaccine in the wound(s) itself. I had never heard that before and wondred if he knew what he was talking about?
Thats horrible!

We had our trap out last night, the sneaky little devils got the egg we used as bait but the trap never sprung ! I don't know how they did it.

It took me a week of trapping but I caught these 2 in one trap! Has anyone else ever been this lucky? I think they must have gotten in a tussle inside the cage, causing the door to shut. Until then they had been very good about not stepping on the lever.

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