Racing pigeon eggs for sale

Mary Of Exeter

10 Years
Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
Breeding season has long since been over, but of course my birds are still laying eggs. I don't keep my old bird team separated (although I would like to, I just don't have the means yet) so they are still popping out eggs. I replace them with fake eggs or chicken eggs to hatch, and throw out the pigeon eggs usually. Someone contacted me about buying some eggs so I started collecting them. I haven't heard anything back so I'm going to offer these for sale before they get old. I currently have 10 eggs collected, but I will continue collecting them as they are laid and will send you the freshest of the bunch. I am asking $3 each. Depending on how many you want, the shipping cost may vary because I'll need a bigger/smaller box.

Some of these are from my breeders, but most are from my old bird team. I didn't record which egg came from who, so no specific info for each one. I have a little bit of everything strain-wise.
As of right now, I only have 5 available. That is sure to change soon as I have several pairs in different stages of courtship/nest making right now.

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