Racist housing contract, can I just ignore all of it?


12 Years
Jan 3, 2008
I live in an unincorporated neighborhood. The only thing I can find that outlaws chickens is the original housing agreement, which new homeowners still have to sign a paper saying they agree to the terms. It's all pretty reasonable except two things. It bans chickens....and people of color (unless they have their own freestanding servants quarters). Can I just ignore all of it and dismiss it as an old, disturbing picture of the past with no relevance to today's occupants?
you will probably find some amendment filled with the local county changing the racist piece. My grandmother lives in unincorporated part of Sacramento, her CC and R's outlaw "orientals" but an amendment filled a few years back abolishes that piece
It does not ban goats or cows. I'd get chickens and if anyone complains, get a couple goats. I'm only half kidding. Sounds like that needs changing.
I'd use the "people of color" issue to try to get the whole thing abolished. Obviously, this document is in need of a MAJOR update. Also, have you personally signed the agreement?
Laigaie- This is a little embarrassing, but I did sign a paper confirming the form. At the time I was just excited about being a homeowner and it caught me off guard. Wish I hadn't.
What's most astonishing to me is that people sign this to begin with.

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