racoon attack..advice pls?


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
over the mountain
coon tried to pull a silky chick, 7 weeks old , through the poultry mesh yesterday evening. he hurt the chick pretty bad, but didnt rip it apart like he did the others the night before. we caught him this time. i think the wings are broken, as hey are dragging. and its just sitting there all puffed up. eats and drinks some.
i purt it in a towl lined box in my bedroom with food and water.............what else can i do? we worked hard on these silkies, and they are really pretty blue, verry fluffy top knots, dont want to loose anymore. poor thing.


8 Years
May 3, 2011
Cascade foothills of WA
Sorry to hear about the raccoon attacks. I hope you've made some changes to your coop to prevent any more.

If it's wings are broken, can you take a "broken arm" approach? Maybe use VetWrap and wrap the wings back into their normal position and let them heal? He doesn't need them to fly...just to jump up to high perches and to jump down from them, but in time he'll probably learn they don't work any more so provide ramps for his use.

I would wrap the VetWrap underneath him and then over both wings, tucking them down into their natural resting place. Birds heal pretty quickly so, hopefully your Sikie won't object and he'll be better in no time.

That he's eating and drinking is a really good sign! Wishing you both good luck!!

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