Racoon one round, me three

Oklahoma Lightning

10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
Twin Oaks
Winner still to be decided.
I was outside with my husband working on a brooder house when I heard one of my hens yell.
It was a racoon and even with us running a yelling at him ,he wouldn't let go until my husband got near. I picked up a 2 by 4 and hand it to my DH but the coon took off. DH went to get feed and I heard another hen yell and it was back. 3 foot away from me. I hit him with the 2 by 4 and he started running. As he climbed the fence I tossed the 2 by 4 and hit him in the head.
And with in a few minutes he was back again so I hit him with rocks.
The hens are all locked up good and tight and I put my dog in with the turkeys. So, maybe everything be safe tonight. My fences is 8 foot tall but I need to put a fence charger on it. I set the live trap and tomorrow I buy a rifle.
We usually lock the hens up at night but we were busy building a new brooder house. We had headlights on and were just about to put baby in the brooder when we heard the noise. We will now wait until morning and make sure the brooder is coon proof. We need to wrap the bottom under the wire floor with 2 by2 wield wire. We can nail it to the runners and the side of the brooder. My brooder is is 6 foot wide by 12 foot long. It is raised up off the ground. The 2/ 4 are nailed to 6 by 6's. It is two foot tall in the front and 1 foot tall in the back with metal roof. And it has hardware cloth around three sides. I am thinkinng maybe it should only be on two sides so they have some added procetion. It built real strong just have to do some finail checking before loading it.
6 foot by 4 foot is total enclosed but the wire floor and has heat lamp in it for the baby baby, The other 8 foot by 6 is for teenager.
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Man, hitting him with 2x4's then pelting with rocks-you are one tough lady! Do be careful, they can carry rabies. If it acts too weird I would have its carcass tested.
I would be very worried - usually they go and hide. If you trap it make sure you don't touch it at all. It might be sick with rabies but I doubt it, probably just trying to feed it's babies.

Very determined raccoon! I would be very cautious until you get rid of the pest.

But I am proud of your determination.
AHEM... video please?

And a shotgun might be better than a rifle if you aren't used to shooting - use "double aught" (00) buckshot.
I have had a coon get 9 ducks, 2 guineas and a turkey hen in the past two weeks. I CANNOT get it in the trap. It's driving me crazy besides beiing on a murderous rampage.

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