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Jan 14, 2020
Morgantown WV
Good Evening,

Jan 15 2020

Long time grazing of this forum, finally decided to join. Not sure why it took so long.

Bought 3 acres with two houses, garage, greenhouse and pool two years ago. Wife is from Ukraine, we have 3 boys (age 24, 13, & 8) two grandsons (ages 3 & 2). Mother in law lives in one house. 1 dog & 8 cats. WE have 'built' a vineyard, orchard, and garden. Wife is crazy about iris's and roses. Got a Kioti 35 HP tractor to help.

Air Traffic Controller (ready to retire in a few years) and my hobbies are gardening and amateur radio. Like my Pittsburgh pro sports and WVU college sports. Our boys play baseball and basketball so we travel for their games. We live in Morgantown West Virginia.

Getting ready to invest in chickens. Had chickens in my earlier years. Going to build an open air "woods" style coop, probably 8 x 16.

Looking for anyone else from the WV area.

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