Rafter and hardware cloth versus insulation question

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    After 12 hours of work in the VA heat and humidity I finally got the softfit finished on the nest box side and some of the drip edge in place. DH said from here on out I could finish the work as he's needing to move onto other projects. I just want the coop finished before the girls turn 4 weeks old as they are quickly out growing their homemade brooder.

    My question is about the inside of the coop at the rafters - we had decided to wait and see if insulation is really needed in the ceiling area of the coop and that leaves the rafters exposed for now. Should I (A) go ahead and get insulation and cover the area in plywood or (B) just cover the exposed rafter area with 1/4" hardware cloth to keep predators out - either way I plan to caulk any gaps and paint - but the carpentry isn't exactly plumb.

    Here is the rafter area inside the coop showing the exposed rafters and no insulation

    Here is the outside view of the vented softfits I installed - there are 3 vents on the back and there will be 3 on the front when I'm done.

    If there truly is a benefit to insulating I would go ahead and do it because I prefer to have a finished ceiling overhead and use my 1/4" hardware cloth for other purposes. But I don't want to insulate and find it causes problems and then have to rip it out and put in the cloth. What do you all think?
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    it looks as if you have your roof sealed off good, don't see any need for hardware cloth of the inside of the coop. if you need insulation, why not try styrofoam. you could cut and glue it between your rafters. I used a product called "Double-bubble" it has a reflective side and a white side. white side goes in. works real well. it could be stapled or tacked to your rafters. used it under my metal roof.
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    I know its going to be extra work and $$, but honestly, if you've gone this far with your project, which looks great, I'd go ahead and insulate the roof. I think it would hold in heat in the winter and also stop any possible condensation problems during certain weather conditions -- remember, chickens put a lot of moisture into the air with their breath, so during the right weather conditions, usually in winter, you may have condensation form and drip in the coop, which isn't a healthy condition.
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    if you put insulation in between your rafters against the plywood. You will be putting a new roof on in 18 months. you need to have a gap between the insulation and the roof. and then more vents under your overhang. your roof needs ventalition on the inside. if not it will condensate and rot the plywood.

    if you want to insulate make a ceiling like in your house and then put the insulation ontop of that just like in your house.

    Myself I would not insulate the roof. I am above you in NJ and mine isn't and my ducks do just fine. sometimes I do have condensation dripping from the roof. but I have a tin roof. with a dozen or chickens in the coop, the water doesn't even freeze
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