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    Our Speckled Sussex birds want to be out even if it's raining fairly hard. With the temps in the low 50s today, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to leave them out. Does the temperature outside have a bearing on whether or not they should be allowed to be dancing and singing in the rain? Just don't want them getting sick.

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    I let them make the choice. They all like to be out in it regardless of temp. When they've had enough they go under the Laurel and preen for a while then come back out.Some go to the coop but still they come back out. They will not stand out in a real deluge though.
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    Unless they are very young chicks, I let them decide.
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    Their very dumb when it is raining, They stick their heads under bushes with their bodys stuck out even if there is room under it. Don't try to chase them in that always ends bad, for you that is.
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    Thank you for the posts. I've been struggling with that one. Now I don't have to.
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