Raise only females and kill half for meat?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by norahsmommy, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. norahsmommy

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    My husband has this grand idea. he wants to raise chickens, and I agreed but he wants to get all females and 1 male and kill half the females at the end of the year for meat. Then order more in the spring and at the end again kill half. And so on, or even doing this 2 times a year. I think we should get straight runs and just kill off the boys and keep the girls, but he said he doesn't want that many roosters running around and wants to slaughter hens. I don't get it. I am not really keen on slaughtering at all, but if its going to happen I would rather just get rid of the boys. Who has the better idea here? What do you do?
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    Quote:Go straight run... you'll kill off the boys before they become to "roo-ish" Orrrrr.... just get meat birds and layers....
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    Get layers and get meat birds, if you are looking for meat with the amount you find on the bones from the birds in the store.

    Try searching the meat bird section to see info on the pros and cons of using "dual" purpose birds for meat.
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    Well, if you want to raise some birds for meat, males tend to get bigger faster, so that's usually the more economically viable option. Also, his concern about having too many roos running around would only be valid if you guys allowed them to grow to sexual maturity, but butchering age usually occurs well before that, so I'm not sure I see where he's coming from there. To me, your idea makes the most sense. I can't imagine butchering that many pullets. Seems like a waste. [​IMG]
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    Contact Murray McMurray Hatchery one of their specials is called
    Meat & Egg Combo! They send half hens & half roosters!
  6. bigzio

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    I guess it depends on your thinking?

    I think you could aquire the numbers of each gender that fits your needs, if culling is out of the question.

    While straight run chicks, and culling extra cockerals make sence to me, it's up to you guys what works best.

    Being prepared, is more important than starting.

    Way to go with that thought in mind! [​IMG]

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    husband seems to think by doing it his way we'll get more eggs. I just don't think he is right. He said I am choosing the coop design, the garden layout the run design and where to get materials, and the breed of birds, and he should get to decide how many and what sex. Otherwise I am deciding everything and its not fair. Although he decided to slaughter but somehow I am supposed to help with that. He said he is going to kill them and de-feather and then they come to me for the rest. Personally I know I am going to get close to them and I don't want to. And he told me I am a city girl who needs to get used to where food comes from. Aside from being a tad rude, I don't think he is right about how many females he wants to slaughter.
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    You won't get birds with any real meat on them. They will be boney with thin breasts is you use layers. They won't grow as quick as roosters. Ideally you you would want to harvest a rooster around 12 - 14 weeks. A hen left for the better part of a year will be tough and good for stewing. You won't get good roasters and fryers.

    Buy meat birds for meat and layers for eggs. Otherwise you will spend three times the money for feed and get only 1/4th the meat in return.
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    Your hubby won't have much "egg laying" time benefits by butchering the gals at a young age. It wouldn't be worth it if you are butchering hens at the end of one year? It doesn't make sense from a "get more" egg point of view to me. Most chickens kick in at 18-20-22 weeks to START to lay.....that is about 6 mos. give or take.....then to have about 6 months of laying time and then butcher? And we all know eggs are small in the beginning and take time for size to appear in the eggs... Hmm....not worth it to me.

    Get straight run roos, and process early and get meat birds. They are worth the time and effort for eating. Plus they don't require use of nesting boxes therefore saving money in equipment in a way.
  10. bigzio

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    Jan 20, 2007
    Maybe it's just me? I think that every issue should be a joint decision.

    If you came into this realitionship together, then all your decisions should fall on both your shoulders....allowing no one to be the blame for anything eh?

    We decided this, remember eh?


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