Raising a goose with curled/clubbed feet

Iain Utah

12 Years
Dec 17, 2011
Hi all, I hatched out a large dewlap Toulouse goose on Saturday night with curled/club feet. I took her to the bird dvm yesterday for treatment, but dvm said because ankles were curled in and set, that she did not want to risk hip turnout to force feet open. She said that my gosling would learn to walk and maintain balance on the knobs, and when full sized, if she has problems due to her size, she can either make her custom boots or amputate feet and put prosthetic limbs in its place.

I was wondering if anyone has owned a goose with curled feet. If so, I am hoping you will share your experiences so I will understand more what I will be dealing with as she grows up.

Here are pics of Spirit standing and walking:


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