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Aug 7, 2014
Hi Guys! Before I start with the question part here is some basic knowledge:
6 Georgia Giant chicks hatched from my incubator on Sep. 3-8 and now they are 1 month old today. I am a newbie at hatching and raising quail (or birds in general) So, here you go:

Question #1--> I have 1 chick with a very bright white strip of feathers under & on his wings. He's the one 2nd down from the top
-Is this an indication of gender?
-Or is it just random coloring of his wings?

Question #2 ---> I have another chick, the one directly above this sentence who takes a liking/interest to my hand & face. As you can see in the picture, he is cocking his head at me. When I reach my hand inside the brooder, he's the only chick to not run away and he studies my hand and moves toward it slowly. And when my hands not inside and he sees my face looking in, he walks towards my direction and stares up at me.
- I've heard that males are very friendly & docile, so I was just wondering again, if this is any indication of his gender?
-Is he/she trying to attack or move towards and peck at my arm & hands?

Question #3 -----> I have a fear of mostly males...stupid? I know....

- I might just be paranoid, but what if 4-5 of my 6 chicks turn out to be roos/males?
Should I:
a) Separate the majority of the males to one part and leave 1 roo to the 1-2 hens on the other?
b) Leave them all together?
c ) Just order some more female chicks or birds?

Question #4 -----> Can all of the Males live together? With & without the females? I've heard that they create peace between the hens, but will they fight if its say, 3-5 of them together without/with the hens?

Question #5 -----> And last but not least: After I put 1 male & 1-2 females together, how long should I wait before separating them again once she lays her eggs, and who should I separate from who? (example: Leave the 2 hens together and separate the male, leave them all together, let ALL of the birds live together, etc.)

Thanks again guys for all your help!
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