Raising broilers?

The Breaker

8 Years
I am entering a contest were I receive 30 broilers and then after I think 8 weeks I bring my 5 fattest biggest broilers to the state fair and their is some serious schaular ships up for grabs and I just wanted to know if any one had any info on raising broilers and any tips to help plump I'm up. Thanks,Matt:D:D
Everyone seems to have a different regimen that works for them. You will have to play with it and see what works for you. This is mine:

First - Make sure your brooder is big enough ( they will smother each other easily)

  • Weeks 1-3. Feed 20-22%protein feed 24hrs a day
  • Week 4. Same feed but drop to 12on/12off
  • Weeks 5-till. Same feed but back up to 24hrs access

The week of 12on/12off is crucial IMO to prevent leg problems. I'm not concrete on the exact day I switch. I just watch for when I see them start to walk with their legs splayed out then I pull feed for about a week until the problem remedies itself. After that I have been able to keep access to feed 24hrs without any problems. I think it just gives their bones time to catch up. Also, NEVER let them run out of water. When the water stops, the growing stops. Like I said though, this is what works for me and my birds. You may find something that works better for you. Good luck.
Also if you are raising them at home, I keep the lights on in the coop when it gets dark so they eat more. I also heard that feeding cracked corn will make them fatter, but I haven't tried it myself.

Good Luck!

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