Raising Catfish in a barrel!! 11-03-2011 UPDATE!!

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by gmendoza, Jan 21, 2011.

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    I knew an older farmer gentleman who kept catfish in an old bathtub. It was set up by a natural spring so that the catfish had a constant supply of fresh water via some pipes. He would catch fingerlings with a net and then put 5 in and grow them out feeding them on scraps.
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    Quote:What kind of catfish?
    Edited OK when in doubt read again before posting.

    40 (6-8") channel catfish
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    Quote:Very Cool. I have 18 chickens,two ducks two guineas and 7 quail. We grow mealworms and redwoyms, use the chicken poop along with the pine bedding as worm bedding for the redwoyms,then use the dirt for planting,or put it in our tumbler for our garden compost. We have our own greenhouse made from old storm windows, and our coop is made from 100% recycled materials. Most of it is pine pallets. The heater for our greenhouse is a solar pop can heater, and we are going into barrel-ponics in the spring when I make a shed out of pallets.

    Welcome to micro-farming!!
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    Have been researching mealworms for the chickens, my dad is making us a solar pop heater for the in the works green house to be made from reclaimed PVC pipe. This is our first year to get going so we are taking it one small step at a time. But we are really enjoying the process!
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    Cool ! I'll watch this thread ! Good luck !
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    Can you provide links as to where you researched this project?
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    Quote:Exactly !!!! you will have transfer them very soon after you get them. plus there won't be any space for them to rest on the bottom and that's what they like. perhaps you should rethink your plan.


    the UofA says 5 to 9 per square foot of water... i don't like to have them that crowded but they do...

    Read again, that is probably 5-9 per square foot of Water SURFACE to ensure adequate oxygen exchange. With the density you are proposing the fish will need a lot of air and of equal importance a lot of water flowing through the barrel to flush waste and uneaten food.
    Get a test kit to monitor ammonia, nitrate and nitrite build up, is your water chlorinated?
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    That is such a cool idea! I cant wait to see how it works out. Please keep us updated (with pics puleeeeze!))
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    Very exciting. I can't wait for updates and pictures of this set up.[​IMG]
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