Raising Cochins in Kansas


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Oct 21, 2020
I've been raising chickens for a while now, but have finally decided that Cochins are the breed for me. Growing up in South Dakota we always had Dominquers (at least that is what they were called 30 years ago.) Looking at the breed specks now, I think they were just mixed breed birds. We raised them mostly for meat and a few eggs.

About 10 years ago, I started with bantams in the backyard of my townhouse. Since then I have moved to a 7 acre house on the edge of the Flinthills. I have a small flock of Silver Laced Cochins, Blue Cochins and Pheasant Cochins all kept separately. The blue flock is older since it was most complete after losses of chicks from an order from Murray McMurray. They were shipped in April of last year and we got a terrible freeze going while they were in transit. As it turns out I ended up with 3 Silver Laced Roosters with no hens, and two Pheasant Roosters with only 1 hen. This past spring I added the necessary hens.

The Blue Cochins have grown in that I had 4 hens sit on eggs this year and raise 6 blue cochins and 10 guinea keets. I now have a total of 14 blue cochins, 11 Silver Laced and 8 Pheasant. I also have a mix of Piebald, Gray and Lavender guineas.

I joined Backyard Chickens because I have always found good information in the forums. Thank you!


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