Raising Geese 101


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This is a informational thread on the Basics of Raising Geese.

Why should I raise Geese?

Geese are wonderful creatures with many great capabilities. Geese have been used for:

*Foster Mothers

* Their very large eggs

* "Guard Dogs"

* Their meat

* Poultry Shows

* Weeders

* For Enjoyment

* Pets


American Buff is a calm and docile goose breed. They are listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. This breed has been raised for meat as well as for their valuable down feathers.


African Geese are known for being quite large breed of goose. African Geese are one of the few breeds not descended from Greylag Geese. They are descendants of Swan Geese. They can easily be identified by the knobs are their head. This breed has been raised for "watch dogs" and meat.


Chinese geese can be quite noisy and considered to some to be a more aggressive breed. However, many have chosen chinese geese for their choice of a pet goose. Chinese Geese are another one of the few breeds not descended from Greylag geese. They are often raised for "watch dogs, meat, also for their excellent egg laying skills.

Brown Chinese:


White Chinese:


Cotton Patch Geese is a very rare breed known for their excellent temperament as well being sex linked. Cotton Patch geese are listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Also Cotton Patch Geese unlike most domesticated geese can fly. In the photo below the gander is in the back while the goose is in the front


Embden Geese are a heavy goose breed often raised for meat. They have been used as "watch dogs". This breed is also raised for it's down.


Pilgrim Geese are a docile breed also known for being sex linked. They are listed as critical by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Some are raised for meat birds. They can lay approximately 35-45 every year.


Pomeranian Geese are a breed with beautiful plumage. They are sometimes raised for "watch dogs". This breed is often shown at poultry shows. They lay approximately 15 - 35 eggs every year. They are listed Critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


Tufted Roman Geese are a breed known for the tufts of their heads. They are also referred to as Roman Geese. They are an ornamental breed. They lay approximately 25- 35 eggs a year. They are listed as critical by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


Sebastopol Geese are breed known for their curly feathers. They are often used in poultry shows. This breed has developed into many different color morphs. White, Lavender, Saddleback, Gray are a few of the known colors. This breed is listed as threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


Shetland Geese are small auto sexed breed. They are known for their superior foraging skills. This breed is quite rare and is listed as critical by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


Toulouse Geese are a large grey goose breed. This birds are often raised as meat birds. This breed is also often shown at poultry shows. It is listed as watch by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.



How long do geese live?

A: Geese can live over 20 years

What do you feed geese?
A: Geese can be fed forage, layer feed, flock raiser, etc.

Can geese be housed with chickens?
A: The answer varies by the individual. Some geese have been housed with chickens without a problem. However, other people have housed them together and had birds injured or killed.

Can you free range geese?
A: Yes you can but even though they are large they are not predator proof.

Will geese protect my flock?

A: No. Geese make an excellent alarming system but are not capable of protecting your birds.

Can they be housed with ducks?

A: Yes. Geese are often housed with ducks. However, you must watch to make sure the geese do not pick on the ducks especially during breeding season.

Can they be housed with call ducks?

A: I would advise against that. If the geese decided to attack the calls would not stand a chance.

When do they lay eggs?

A: Larger breeds take longer to mature but most geese lay the following spring.

Aren't geese aggressive?

A: Geese can become aggressive during breeding season but in general have great temperaments.

How many eggs will they lay?
A: This varies widely depending on the breed. However, some geese such as the chinese are known for excellent egg laying abilities.

Where can I buy geese?

A: You can find a local breeder or in the spring at many feed stores. If you would like to order online here are a few hatcheries:

Metzer Farms
Sand Hill

How do you sex geese?
A: Unless the gees breeds are auto sexed you will have to vent sex. In African and Chinese geese the gander will have a larger knob on his head.

Are geese eggs edible?
A: Yes they are

How long does it take for eggs to hatch?
A: 28 - 30 days.

Are goslings hard to brood?
A: The hardest part is the fact that they can be quite messy. They also grow quite fast

When are goslings feathered out?
By 6 weeks they should be pretty well feathered out.

How much are goslings?
A: Goslings prices will vary depending on quality. Goslings start around 7 - 8 for pet quality at most feed stores.

Do goslings grow fast like ducklings?
A: Yes. Goslings don't mature as fast as ducklings but do grow quite fast.

How much are eggs?
A: Geese eggs for eating can be as cheap as 1 dollar. Hatching eggs will vary depending on quality. Pet quality eggs start at around 2.50 to 3 depending on your area.

Can geese eggs be blown out?
A: Yes they can be blown out. They make excellent ornaments.

How do I fix angel wing?
Angel Wing Fixing
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great thread

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otherwise very helpful
Thank you and Thanks for the suggestion. I'll see what i can do
Thank you for posting some great information. I've been thinking about getting some geese and this was quite helpful.
Thanks Everyone
. I hope this will help some of the people considering adding some geese.

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