Raising ostriches in Alberta, Canada

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  1. Fur and Feather Momma

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    Sep 15, 2017
    I am brand new to this site and forum.
    My hubby and I are slowly getting set up to raise a trio of ostriches. We are in Alberta, Canada. If anyone has any tips or pointers that you feel is a "must know," please share. We will be doing this for ourselves initially until we learn, then would like to eventually tap into the market. Not looking for a "quick buck" but more interested in finding a healthy, lesser footprint than the conventional beef industry. We are wanting to keep our operation small as this is more hobby and health related.
  2. Ryan Olufs

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    Oct 24, 2017
    First thing I would do is visit another ostrich farm. You may have already done this, but it is always worth mentioning. You being in Canada you have more resources than we do in the US, use them. First thing I would really like to point out is the fact that you are going to start with a trio, males tend to mate with the dominant female, making more than 1 female unnecessary. Will they mate with more than one, yes, but most males will stick to just one majority of the time. It is difficult to point out the "must know" without knowing what you already know. #1 on my list is, an ostrich can kill you. So safety first. Have you visited your male, is he aggressive. Is he fully mature, if not he can get more aggressive. How will you get eggs from the pen if he is aggressive? Are you doing your own incubation, are you paying someone, do you have a processor lined up, will you do it on your farm, are you allowed to do it on your farm, have you looked into all the value added products of an ostrich, what will you feed it, do you know the right amount of feed based on weight for breeding, chick, grow out, are you planning on pasture raising, do you know what grasses will grow in your area, of those which are best for ostrich. The list goes on. I think its better to ask specific questions than try to find simple "must knows".

    start with the basics. Where will they live, what will they eat, how will you get the eggs.
  3. The Great Eel Man

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    Nov 19, 2017
    Leduc County, Alberta
    I've found that they are actually fairly tolerant of cold climates, would be interested in raising but it seems like a hassle.
  4. Small Farm

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    Feb 24, 2016
    Middleton, Idaho
    Where did you get your chicks? I want one!

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