Raising Peachicks


Jul 12, 2022
We blindly got 2 peachicks a few days ago. I say blindly because we have never had peachicks. I have 3 young children and I don't want them to be aggressive. The breeder we got these from said she has never had an issue with hers. I'm reading conflicting information about how much to handle them as babies. Some say handle them a lot and they won't be agressive and others say handling them too much will cause them to be aggressive. Trying to keep my oldest from not handling them is difficult. We have had tons of chicks and into adult she can still pick them up and carry them around. I know this isn't necessarily a peafowl thing and that ok. I just definitely don't need any attacks.
Hen chicks are not a problem, cocks on the other hand can be. I would get them DNA tested and let the kids play with the hen as much as they want and keep a hands off of the cock except to hand feed him treats but no touching. https://orders.iqbirdtesting.com/ is a good place for testing it will cost about $14 each. All you need to do is go to the website and place an order and download the forms. Trim a talon just enough to get a tiny drop of blood and send it in. Be sure to clean the trimmers between birds.
Males become aggressive if handled regularly. Females won't attack people but they also won't want to hang out with the other peafowl or mate as well. Mine are fairly tame in that I can walk among them without them panicking or getting nervous but I don't try to be to buddy buddy with them. I also know a number of people whose birds were to tame and that made them easy for others to steal.

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