Raising Turkeys In Northern Alberta, Canada for Freezer Camp


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Hi!! I am thinking of raising up some turkeys for freezer camp in the fall, but I have chickens, small coop and run for them. I am handy and could make a coop and run for the turkey's for the spring, summer and fall. I am thinking of getting 6.

How much run space to turkey's need???

So turkey's roost also????

If they turn out to be girl turkey's can you eat the eggs!!!

Sorry about all the questions and I do seem kinda inexperienced here because I am, I will do alot more research on this subject before going ahead with the plan.

Grew up on a farm so have no problems with dispatching my food!

Any and all advice in this matter will be greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks!!!
My neighbor eats the turkey eggs same as chicken eggs she says they taste no different, I can't answer the other questions though I don't yet have turkeys either..LOl but will watching your thread for some answers......Kim
1. Run size depends on how much free range time and space the birds will get. 5 sq feet per bird is the absolute minimum I would use. It also depends on breed size. Smaller birds like midget whites and white hollands can get away with smaller space. For your BB varieties you need a lot more space. Our turkey is currently in a run with our chickens that is 20 x 20 but she has access to the yard everyday which is over 6,000 sq ft. So it will depend on a lot of factors.

2. Yes they like to roost if you let them. Ours roosted a lot when she was younger but now just piles up hay around herself and sleeps on the floor of the coop. They can get up into trees if they have access.

3. We eat our turkey eggs, too. Scrambled they are creamier than chicken eggs as the increased fat volume of the bigger size egg emulsifies the whole egg better.

Turkeys are very personable and our girl is our favorite bird in the yard. She follows us around and "helps" on chores. Originally she was thanksgiving dinner but we became so attached to her that we are now starting our own flock of them. Funny how that happens. (and not because we are squeamish about killing our own dinner)

Good luck!

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