Raking litter in the run through winter?

Feathers Brady

Jul 15, 2018
Central Illinois
I'm sure this has been discussed before but, I'd like to know if the run area is semi muddy/snowy if it's a good idea to rake the coop litter into the run? I plan on DLM inside the coop and thought I'd clean out now and start over now that old man winter is home.
Any suggestions or opinions are appreciated.
Tell me how you handle wintertime runs!
I bolster the run bedding(which is never raked or 'cleaned') in fall,
make sure there lots of big wood chips to soak up the muck at thaw.
I keep part of the run shoveled for access and good footing(for me and the birds), a path all along it to keep mesh roof cleared, a place for them to walk(we got a LOT of snow here) and to shorten snow melt season. I put down a thin layer of straw when it gets icy.

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