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    Jun 12, 2014
    Hey everybody!:)

    What can I feed my 2 week old chicks besides their chick starter. I ran out of feed and will not be able to get some until tommrow.

    PLEASE help and THANK YOU so much!:)

    Is oatmeal ok?
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    Nov 9, 2013
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    Random thoughts...I would probably boil a couple of eggs and mash them well and put in a separate dish. Mine have never cared for it when they were that young. Mealworms...they will fight over. Crushed dry cat food maybe. Putting a grain cereal like corn flakes in a ziplock and crush them would be what I'd try...not much because I don't know about the amount of iron. Cooked plain oatmeal too. Wet and dry dished separately. If you could watch them on an area of the yard in an enclosed "cage" of some sort would be great. As long as they fill that crop before dark, they'll be fine. :):)
  3. Boiled eggs mashed well with a fork, and RAW old fashion oat meal are one big favorite of every chick three days old or older that I have ever been associated with. A little canned Salmon, tuna, ground beef, butter milk, sugar water, bird seed, and stale bread will all work in a pinch. It's not like your going to feed this to your hens every day for the next 75 years is it?
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    Hi [​IMG] ,
    They're 2 weeks old. They won't die if they miss a day of food. If you want to feed them food just be careful .
    Better to let them wait till tomorrow then accidently feed them something they can't eat. Do you have any grit
    and ears of corn? Throw some of both in there with them and they will be happy. Watermelon works too. If
    you have any poultry vitamins that dissolve in water, just put some in their water overnight.
    They will be fine.
  5. Oatmeal if fine just be sure it is not flavored or sweetened. Hard boiled egg crushed fine like others have said. For both of these you want to make sure they have access to chick grit...not the big stuff for adult chickens. MOST IMPORTANT make sure they continue to have access to fresh, clean water. Tomorrow is not that far away and they should do just fine. Best of luck.

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