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Jan 27, 2009
Okay this is a thread to post things that you need get done. Add as many at a time or one at a time. I don't care one way or another. I just need to put things down in writing so I won't forget.

I need a new zipper on my purse.

I need to get a dog or two to the vet.

I need to sell a couple of birds.
I need to go clean our cats' teeth - really bad smelling

I need to prune the peach trees
I need to rid the lawn of dog emissions

My list is pretty much the random things I do on Sundays.
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i really need to put up drapes.
redo chickens perches
take elvis (the dog) for his yearly
wash the dang car
patch my blue jeans
get the oil changed and tires replaced
donate to the dog rescue
buy a new matress

the list goes on, but it all involves spending money, so itll never be accomplished, hahaha.
I need a new mattress also.

I just can't afford then expense right now.

I need to clean the mini blinds.

I need to enlarge the chicken coop.

I need to replace the cover over the chicken coop.

I need to mop some of the floors in the house soon.

I hate that it comes down to money.
Put addition onto the coop
Find and pick up some pallets
Buy plywood
Weed whack
Shred some papers
Clean the second coop
Change oil
Vacuum the car (!!!)
Make corn soup for friend's birthday Tuesday

Buy birthday cards
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I need to:
*bath 2 cats and a dog due to a sudden and fierce flea infestation.
*sell my old car that has been sitting around for 3months.
*make more halloween decorations.
*build a new quail cage for the buttons i just hatched.
*buy new skates for roller derby.
*weed my veggie patch that looks like a jungle.
*fix the dilapidated scarecrow.
*do a service and replace the brakes on my dirtbike.
*buy a new trailer.
*box up all my unneeded junk ready to move in the next couple months.
Oh and really important..
*buy my mum a birthday present.

And thats all ontop of my regular long To Do list...
~sigh~ better get started...

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