Random white feathers?

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  1. Radioactive Egg

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    Oct 13, 2014
    Perth, Western Australia
    Hi everyone,

    My show lavender araucana/ ameraucana (depending where you're from), Redfoo, has suddenly grown white feathers on her head just before her show.

    It's quite harmless, but I would like it fixed pretty soon...within a week? I'm considering dying it, but that is a little bit against the rules.
    Is there anything I can do quickly? And what is happening?

    Radioactive Egg out.
  2. Fred's Hens

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    These are two separate and completely distinctive breeds, with completely separate and unique standards for them. What breed did you enter this bird under? Have you read the pertinent standard for each breed to 1.) judge for yourself whether bird is worthy of showing, 2.) whether the lavendar color is an accepted variety and 3.) what the standard says about white feathers on the head?

    Perhaps the show you're attending is not an APA sanctioned show nor is the judge licensed so such things are not of upmost importance. If the show is a sanctioned show, the questions above come immediately into play.

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