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I have done the Colored Ranger thing, and while the results were fantastic, I would like to try another breed this year. Sometime in the last year, there was mention of a strain that is raised, I believe, by someone in Pennsylvania who has no online presence: you have to call and ask for a price list. I want to say they have "gray" in the name of the bird.

Anyone know what/who I'm talking about? Have contact information? I couldn't figure out a good way to search for this.


I think what I'm actually looking for is Kosher Kings from Noll's - where I got the "gray" idea, I have no clue.

So, that said, anyone have any experience with these meaties?
I have 50 of Noll's red meat makers on order to arrive in March. I got mostly cockerels and some st run and plan on keeping a few hens to set eggs from in the future. I have nice big Delaware boys that I bet would do great for the cross. Bucky182 said the kosher kings live up to advertised performance, and Mr. Noll had told him that the reds are the biggest. I plan on processing at around 10 weeks. I am excited to see how they do, and I will share pics and whatnot. Pineywoods peepers posted pics of kosher kings here:

I have not seen any pics of their white or red meat makers anywhere.
I'm interested in buying eggs from any of these birds, the Kosher Kings, Red meat maker, White meat maker (all from Nolls) Rosambros, Freedom Rangers , Red Broilers, etc. etc. What I'm trying to find is eggs from people who have kept a few of these meatie types back to try crossing with their own large birds of other breeds, or with other meaties of the same or different breed. It is fine if what you've kept back is the roo, or the hen. But it would be helpful NOT to have eggs from them crossed with something small like a leghorn. I know a lot of people have tried keeping CornishX and using them as breeders, and I'd like to buy those eggs as well. But I'm not finding as many posts or threads on the other meatie crosses that people are trying. Anyway, if you have any possibilities for me, please let me know with a PM. Thank you very much,
I will be trying to breed some red meat maker crosses later this year, I am leaning toward using my Del roos as sires and just keeping hens. Then keeping a half breed cockerel to use in the future to his mom and aunts.

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