Rant about service!


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Jan 14, 2009
Okay, I had to go to the eye doctor today to see what perscription I need (having trouble seeing the tennis ball).Mom needed to get a babysitter and get her back at 11:00 (keep this in mind.) Left with Mom at 9:10 got there at 9:30 (estimate) Waited 10 minutes to actually get the test, which took 10 to 20 minutes. The lady had trouble working the computer, so anouther 5 to 10 minutes (Ya want a calculator?
) THEN she got the info, pluged it in to another computer, which took 5 min. She then said she had to get the actual doctor, she said she'd be right back with him. Mom and I waited 30 minutes, and meanwhile, we saw this lady walking back and forth, not geting the doctor, actually escorting another patient to the first test and doing all that. The actual doctor, can't remember if I saw him, but I heard him. He was listening to Lady 2 (not to be confused with lady) drone on and on about doing community service (planting flowers, that sorta thing) because the people want a doctor that does community service. Isn't being a doctor already doing community service? She also said it's 'for the children' YAWN. So the doctor finally comes in, and does the eye exam. YAY! We finally get out and I need to pick out sport glasses! So we spend 10 minutes picking them out. We finally pay for the and walk out the door. But we really need a cup of coffee... So Mom and I go to the coffee shop next door, maybe 3 custormers in. Takes the barista 3 minutes to notice us (she was busy, belive it or not) We get the coffee, great. Head outside, get to the car, find out it's 11:15! We are late! Still, Mom has to stop by the bank, does that, finds out she has $60 for the rest of the month! Peachy. We try the coffee, mine tastes okay... Mom's is tasteless. Really. One of the worst coffee shops EVAH. We finally get home at 11:30. So late. Mom is taking the babysitter home as I type.

That was SO fun!
Thanks for listening.


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May 16, 2008
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Ya, some days are like that. If one thing goes wrong twenty go wrong. And as for customer service. I think it is a thing of the past. You would think that in this econemy, businesses would be kissing our feet when we walk into a business. We went to dinner the other day and could not get the waitress to come back around to fill a coffee cup.

Sorry about the low back account. Get into the freezer and panty and make sure you use up those things that have been lurking in the back.

Praying the rest of the day will be more peaceful.

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May 2, 2007
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I went the last of Jan to get a eye exam and get new lens. Well with the insurance we have they said I couldn't reuse my old frames had to get new ones. So I pick out a new pair said it would be 10 days before they come in. Well 10 days come and go they call said something was wrong with lens in left side. So they had them redone said it would take another 10 days. Well they came in I went to pick them up and guess what??? Yep was something wrong with them again so off they went. Now they call wed afternoon they are ready and I can come pick them up. I wait till hubby gets in we go to the place and I try them on and...............
The left lens is so blurry I can't see anything past 2 feet in front of me!!! Grrrrrrr...So I have to go back this coming thursday and have them rechecked. I haven't had this much trouble with my glasses ever. Hope your moms glasses get done quickly with no problems.


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Dec 21, 2007
Happy friday the 13th Tio LOL

sorry for your crappy day...we all have those days


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