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Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
So tomorrow I have to drive with my cousin for almost 2 hours to go to a good pediatric dentist to take my daughter. First thing that makes me irrate is that I have to drive so far to get a good decent ped's dentist where I live!

Secound thing is my cousins passenger window does not row down. So I have to ride alllllllllllll that way burning up in this hot kentucky heat.

Third thing is...I feel like I am taking my child to be tourtured. She is terrified of the dentist I mean WHO ISN;T? I know I so disslike the dentist. It just bothers me I feel so sad and I feel like making excuses not to take her but I know she needs to go and I will take her bad or good. Uhh If it isn't enough we have to worry about our childerns Health and learning and teaching them right from wrong. We gotta lug them to dentist to have them terrified for the rest of their lifes of dentist.

She is always fine when we get there she plays on the little gym they have there without a care in the world but as soon as they take her back its tear city baby.

I feel so bad for her...

Another thing that has me irate is she does not have to be there till 2:00p.m. but we have to leave here at like 11:20 am. Because she has things to do before we get on our way to the dentist. UGH!!!

I always ask myself why can't my life be easy? WHY? Then I think if it was easy I think my life would be so boring...
You are doing a good thing by taking care of your child's oral health. And she doesn't have to be terrified.

As a dentist, I see lots of kids. Many of them I never have to give anesthetic. I take it at their pace. I offer nitrous oxide... it works for most kids. If the work is extensive, after giving nitrous if the child is calm enough I give an injection. Many kids never feel the shot.

I've found that most of the time, a childs perception of the dentist comes directly from the parents. If a parent has anxiety, so does the child. If a parent acts like it's no big deal, usually it's no big deal.

Obviously if you are going to a pediatric dentist, there have either been behavioral issues or your child needs extensive work. Hopefully you are making certain that she doesn't drink soda pop and that her access to sweets is limited and that she is brushing at least two to three times a day.

There are many, many folks that are not terrified of the dentist.

Good luck tomorrow.
She never drinks pop!! ewwie never give that stuff to my kids. She is however a big juice drinker!

She has ruptured as they call it her frount teeth which has caused some decay they want to cap them but I do not want them to.

They also want to cap 2 of her back teeth because there is tiny decay there too. So they said it would be better to cap them.

She is only 3 and the place is called Kool Smiles. They are suppouse to be really good with working with kids but she still seems to cry her little head off.
If there is only " tiny " decay there is absolutely NO REASON to cap them. You only cap a tooth when there is extensive decay.

Unfortunately, juice can be just as bad or worse than pop on teeth.

Think of a reward you can give her if she doesn't cry. Tell her how wonderful it will be to have teeth without all of those sugar bugs. Make it a positive thing for her.

Good luck.
Can you come to ohio for dental work? You use that flat on your back juice. I can be a kid too? I am 5'2" and weigh 98 lbs. that after 5 kids no I AM NOT ANwhat ever its called or BULLIMIC. Yea spelled how we spell the bull. Have a sister that way, Long story short hate all docs PM me if yu can think of a way to get over this
I'm not afraid per se, but I am allerigic to novacaine (seisure) and the entire -caine series of drugs, so I have to drive an hour to the 1 oral surgery place the insurance will cover, and then sit hours. If you have to be in town early, is there a park or a chucky cheeses near the dentist that you can go to for the hours your cousin needs to run errands? I find the kids do better if they can run off steam before the longer appointments.

One other thought, can you switch her off juice to crystal light or another sugar free flavoring? It makes it the nutritional equivalent of water, but it won't bathe her teeth in acids or sugars.
I read this just as I am about to head to the dentist for the first time in at least 8 years. My memory is a little foggy, so I don't exactly know when the last time I went was. I'm really nervous about it. What will be found? I'm trying to not let me anxiety show to my two year old because I really don't want her to fear the dentist. I'm going to be asking about making an appointment for her today while I'm there. We finally have dental insurance again, so we're all getting our mouths looked at.

Mahonri: What can I tell my daughter about going to the dentist so she knows what to expect? She's going to daycare while I'm at my appointment but for future reference?

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