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Oct 17, 2018
I'm relatively new to keeping/ hatching quail. I have five chicks at the moment and one of them (he hatched a week and a half before the other four) is extremely tame and i am going to be keeping him along with a female as a pet. My boyfriend uses rapeseed straw in his canary aviary where he already has a couple of button quail. Would this be suitable bedding for an indoor cage? It is dust free and unscented.

Also, here's a pic of my button, Thor.


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Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
Here is a quick copy and paste of interest. link on bottom for further reading.
Many farmers may be considering buying rape straw for animal feed or bedding. If so, they should ask the supplier an important question: What herbicide – or herbicides – were applied to the growing crop?

With straw in high demand, farmers are looking at alternative options apart from cereal straw. Oilseed rape straw is on the market and is ‘pricey’ in many cases.

Farmers should make sure they can use the straw for animals before purchasing. Straw from oilseed rape – treated with ASTROKerb – cannot be used for animal feed or bedding.


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