Rapid weight gain


Apr 2, 2015
Hi i have a hen who over the past 2-3 months has gotten rather large i mean all over she is twice as big as the other hens, she has been quite happy in herself and laying eggs, then 2 days ago she just went down hill really quick, she is just sitting all day and spent one night outside in the garden, she is eating very little and seems to be drinking still.
she seems very lathagic and is not herself. I recently had another hen die and we think it might have been LL a genectic disorder?? These two hens have simular symtoms except the first one lost her feathers then in her last days was the same as this hen is now. I have been giving them some Turbo booster in their feed as well as some extra meal worms for protein and DE powder plus apple cider vinegar unpasturised.
Not sure what is going on here???


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