Rare, Critically Endangered Icelandic Hatching Eggs (12 eggs + extras)

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I am offering a dozen plus extras of my rare, and critically endangered Icelandic chicken hatching eggs. Please do not bid on this auction if you are not interested in the preservation of the breed as it is, without standardization and crossbreeding. There is a dedicated group of people working to promote and preserve this landrace fowl which was first introduced to Iceland in 900 by the Vikings. My stock comes from the legal importation of hatching eggs from Iceland to the US in the last 13 years.

In my signature line you will find a link to the most recent article regarding Icelandic chickens for Aviculture Europe. You can also find a wealth on information and pictures on the breed thread at BYC here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=299038&p=1 . In the first post I report how I became interested in the breed and how I obtained my stock.

Icelandic chickens are standard sized, not bantams, although they are on the smaller side. They have white earlobes and lay bright white to pale cream colored eggs. I see the cream color mostly in pullet eggs and they are bright white by the time they are full sized eggs. The eggs range from medium to large and I have one hen who lays a jumbo egg. There is no standard color or comb type for Icelandic chickens. Some may even have slate legs and some may have light feathering on the legs. Some are crested, some are not. The most wonderful part of owning these birds is in the diversity. These birds are winter hardy, good layers, go broody, and make great free rangers. They are not flighty but don't care to be cuddled either. They always come up to the house when I go outside and follow me down to the barn for a treat. I have hatched hundreds of chicks and they too are very hardy with few instances of pasty butt or leg problems. My flock does not consume huge amounts of feed, preferring to forage on the acreage they occupy. They like to roost as high up in the coop as they can get, often in the rafters. I have 35 free ranging Icelandics on my property and people always remark about how many different breeds of chickens I have! I am not sure they believe me when I tell them they are all the same breed!

My alpha rooster Isi (Icy) from my foundation stock.

Silver hen with lovely crest.

One of my hens with a laced crest.

Free ranging.

My youngest juveniles on the roost.


Rock dwellers.

Lovely young pullets.

Lukka, one of my original hens with a baby chick. I have lots of blues in my flock.

They make very enthusiast mothers.

Isi and his girls.

Hatching Icelandics is like opening a box of chocolates! You never know what you are going to get!

This is my most recent hatch from last week with a silver and a chocolate brown chick!

All eggs will be shipped Priority Mail with confirmation number. All eggs will be fresh. I am getting 12 to 18 eggs per day and fertility has been great. I cannot guarantee the success of your hatch as I have no control over what happens to the eggs once shipped. They will be very carefully packaged. I have shipped hundreds of eggs without a single broken one. These eggs will ship Wednesday.
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If I were starting from scratch I would love to start here with these birds because of all the diversity in appearances. I, however, have a large mixed flock that I love dearly. I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you are doing for these birds. I have ducks and geese that are on the ALBC critical list and do my best to help their numbers to climb. I would love to help more species out but I only keep one type of each on hand to solidify their purity. You're doing a great job



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Quote:I thought that you had three? I'm sorry if you lost one!

Nate, Mary gives out a lot of Icelandics to a lot of people and takes good care of them. I'm sure that they're healthy.
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the wait is driving me crazy! I went to Ireland last summer and the bed and breakfast we stayed at had these chickens and I have wanted some every since. I am so glad you are sharing these. Thank you

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