Rarest breed of chicken in the US?

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    MOT and his RIW lasies today~
    Blocky, heavy, thoughtful birds.
    MOT (meat on the table) cuz he was/is ornery...and his crew.
    His comb is popping little buds...and he is really blocky, like a cinder-block shaped body, most definetly a dual purpose bird, but most definetly not a fast grower.
    I remember in days way gone by when I was a child and Great Grandma would go get a chicken, butcher it and make the most awesome chicken and dumplings in the world...from a very old an useless hen...had to be a heritage breed.
    I believe she had RIR and HUGE nasty leghorns that seemed as tall as me...and the leghorns would chase us kids....[​IMG]
    Always amazed me to this day how Great Grandma knew which hen was not laying and which one was...
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  2. Robert Blosl

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    Does any one know good breeders of Dorkings. I have a fellow who sent me a message and can not find any one. thanks bob
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    Quote:What color are you looking for? I have white rosecombs (just starting out)....
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    how about a cockatrice? their so rare they dont exist
  5. Rare Feathers Farm

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    Quote:Do you have any rosecomb RIR's? My great-grandfather bred SC RIR (in Burien) and had them for years & years (like he lived to be 106 years old and he moved to his place at the age of 11 from England), grew up there, inherited it when his parents passed and lived there for a long, long time. When he came to live with my grandmother, he sold all of his RIR that he'd had for 85+ years...I wish I knew what happened to those birds. My grandma says that they were HUGE, dark and mean! LOL I'm in Okanogan, Washington so I would want rosecomb just because we get so darn cold here...and my single comb birds suffer because of it...

    I know folks who have Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds there are very rare only maybe 75 alive in the USA today in the winter. What was the first and last name of your Grand Father? Did you say he was from Burien? Is that in Washington state?

    I knew a lot of the old breeders who had Reds and who where in the Rhode Island Red Club. https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=421715&p=2

    born and raised in Centralia Washington

    Yes, he lived in Burien but was originally from England...I think his name was Lewis George (or George Lewis). Last name was Lingwood.
  6. Robert Blosl

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    Thanks for the name of the old time red breeder. Never heard of him.

    Some very rare birds are Dorkings Can any of you tell me who has some good ones for a fellow who wants to breed them? bob
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    A breeder near me has Bantam Sussex. They are speckled and have very good and true type.

    I actually got to see a rosecombed RIW a couple of years back. He also used to raise a few true heritage Plymouth Rocks, and RIR's.

    I haven't seen many true Orpingtons around, though there was a trio for sale last year at the State Fair. The truly huge and meaty ones that come up to your waste.

    Are Pendisancas a rare breed? I haven't seen many of those outside of hatchery strains.
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    Man do you throw people off with the "come up to your waste" line. [​IMG]

    As for Penedesencas, yes, they're pretty rare.

    As for true Orpingtons - I see breeders for them all over here, honestly. The one thing I will have to note on though is that I see VERY few Lavender Orpingtons that are even close to type. Most of them I really must say are obviously bred solely for color, because they're WORSE than hatchery stock when it comes to body type.

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