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    Jul 4, 2011
    Can I raise my chicks outside in April in a old chicken coop I have. I live in flagstaff Arizona so it should be about 60-70 degrees I would still have a heat lamp. I will have to open the roof to make the temp ok but I will put chicken wire over the top so they can't get out and nothing can get in. If you have done this and can share your experience I would appreciated. Thanks:)
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    If you use chicken wire raccoons can tear it apart with their paws. So I'd instead use 1/2 inch hardware cloth (which also keeps out rats and weasels).

    If you have a problem with temperature regulation, you can buy several of the clamp lamps from Home Depot or the feed store and use 60 or 100 watt bulbs to achieve the perfect temperature.

    Right now I have baby chicks not even a week old outside in a hutch inside a greenhouse with three 100 watt bulbs running. I have to run outside many times a day to check temperatures, as when the sun comes out I have to turn off a light (or two) and use all three lights at night. If we got a truly cold snap I'd move the hutch to the garage.

    Make sure you secure your lights at least two ways not including the clamp and preferably including the metal lamp shade with metal wire or the like to prevent fire. Keep lamps far enough away from combustibles. Heat lamp bulbs will explode if a drop of rain hits them (happened to me).

    Here are your baby chick temperature recommendations...

    If you can maintain good temps and keep them safe from predators you are good to go!

    Also keep them free from wind blowing on them or they will get cold. (draft shield)
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