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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by SamG347, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. SamG347

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    Mar 4, 2007
    Well I got some raspberrys last year. I had them planted in one spot and had to move them because the ragweed was covering them up/overtaking them. Now this year I moved them again just last month or the beginning of this month to a final place in my garden. The thing is Im worried I might have killed them. I dont see any new growth on the plants yet. But from what I hear Raspberrys grow like weeds and I made sure I peatmossed and fertilized them pretty good.
    Do you think these plants are dead? Or will be showing signs of new growth soon?
    Thanks all!
  2. chickensista

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    Feb 23, 2008
    Last I looked, our wild raspberries hadn't pushed anything out yet, and many other plants are just showing up. I wouldn't worry yet - we've had a somewhat chilly spring. [​IMG]
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    Apr 25, 2007
    NE. IN
    Ok to answer your questions, answer this.

    Are they red raspberries? if so, you've done the world a favor. [​IMG]

    If they are black raspberries, maybe they'll come back. Mine haven't started to show leaves yet.
  4. theOEGBman

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    Jan 13, 2007
    Central California
    Mine are nice and green. [​IMG]
  5. SamG347

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    Mar 4, 2007
    They are Reds.
  6. Did you fertilize them with an acidic base fertilizer? they like acid. You will also want to mulch them I would recomend with pine needles, to keep the weeds out. Good producting berry plants do not like weeds. And the needles as they break down will add acid to your soil.

    Also have you been watering them? When you first transplant anything you should water it once a day atleast for the first week after planting. Then drop back to every other day for a week then as needed after that. This will help develop a good root structure for the plant. Don't drowned them, just a good shower around at the ground, not the leaves. If it gets too cold while the leaves and stalks are still damp you will deffently freeze them so its best just to avoid getting it on them in the first place.

    How warm has it been where you are? Here we have been anywhere from 50-80 tomorrow and mid 30s at night. Mine are just starting to sprout new growth. I would say give them til the end of april and if you still have no new growth you killed them. Get some others and try again starting with where you want them to "stay".

    Hope this helps and good luck with them.
  7. SamG347

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    Mar 4, 2007
    Yes it has been around those temps here too. They goat soaked with rain after I transplanted them...and we have very clay type soil so I dont use acid fertilizer but I will try the pine needle idea.
  8. bobbieguyette

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Mine are slow to turn green and stand out just yet we are still thawing here and still have remainder snow of the 122" record inches of snow here(N.H.) so the ground is still very wet I wouldnt worry too much yet I dont do anything to mine and its a huge ever growing big patch out there. I wish I had the black berries too. I have the reds also.
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    Sep 18, 2007
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    Quote:I thought the same thing.....but we are all over here..... [​IMG]

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