Raspy duck quack?


Jul 2, 2020
This season, the weather is changing and my flock is molting, but ever since the weather has changed, the rain has become really unpredictable and I haven’t been able to feed them some days because of storms and flooding. My one duck, Donny, recently has been losing a lot of weight, and his quack became VERY strained and quiet. Luckily with extra food he’s been regaining his weight and feathers from molting, but hid quack now sounds much different. As opposed to a quiet hoarse quack, his voice was really brash and deep. It sounded like a fart or a broken trumpet. Does anyone know why his quack is like this all of a sudden?
How old is he? All drakes have a raspy quack.
He’s 3 years old. I have several drakes, so I know that they have raspy quacks, but his was abnormally quiet and raspy, even for a drake and in comparison to his older quack.
Is it possible the fed got wet and he ate it
It turns mouldy if left wet
My daughter was watching my ducks last summer and didn’t clean out the tray I had the food and water in. So some food spilled into the spilled water and when I got home I immediately knew he was sick from his voice
I asked her if she had cleaned the tray and she hadn’t ( shd didn’t know she was suppose to )
He had to be put on antibiotics for an infection from this
Can you build a small shelter for putting your feed bowls
under so they don't have to go without feed? doesn't have to be anything fancy but just something to keep the feed dry and out of the weather. Some ideas

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