Rat poison??

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    Sep 27, 2013
    We have 7 Silver Laced Wyandottes. I found one dead earlier today. From what I could see, there were no signs of pulled feathers, blood, red spots, etc. I called soooooo many places and only 1 vet offered to do a necropsy on a chicken, but were super pricey!

    A few months ago, the county tore down a house across the street. Since then we've had a rat problem....thankfully outside! I found 4 dead ones within 2 days about 2wks ago. After talking to my cousin-in-law, we feel maybe the neighbors are putting rat poison out and perhaps a rat left some droppings in the coop and she pecked in the wrong spot. :(( It is bothering me to know what she went through and felt prior to dying if this is the case :(((

    Any suggestions please!!?? I have decided to toss the eggs that we have gotten from the coop over this past week....rather be safe than sorry.
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    Eating the feces of a rodent that has died from a lethal does of poison would not kill the bird. The bird would die from over consumption before it died from secondary poisoning. I would suspect that if you chicken did indeed die from poisoning it either ate a mouse which had been poisoned or found and ate some poison on her own.
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    I hope you can solve this, how awful!
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    Rats could be dragging the bait out - where chickens are finding and eating it.
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    A rat really is hard to poison and one of the hardest to poison
    in any case the poison the that killed the rat is spread through
    out the rat and mainly to its innards not that it would take much
    to down your chicken but it is more likely if your chicken was
    poisoned the rat brought it over on its feet or brought some of
    this bait over with it's self and dropped it .........

    gander007 [​IMG]
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    I have killed many rats before with rat poison.
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    yes pwand I understand as I have but it is easer to do a dog then a rat as most of the rats I have observed
    will check out and a lot of the time leave a lot of poison alone so I usually put down as a powder and let
    them walk through it and as it burns the paws of the feet they lick it off and ingest it this way but I also live
    in death valley California and maybe being a little warm here the poison might give off some kind odder ...

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    I have used pellets with great success, however, I don't like the poison idea, got a female cat from the shelter and she is doing a great job other than gifting us with presents. :)
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