Rat-proofing the coop!


Jan 11, 2016
So I saw what I thought were field mice inside the coop with two silkie-cochins and 3 babies. I removed the food and scared them away.

Turns out they're rats, since I found a chick missing and only found the legs. :'( Everything was gone: bones, beak, etc.

So I redid the coop.


Update: THEY STILL GOT IN!!! They had a MUCH harder time getting out, though. (Until I opened the door. Hard to chase them, though). My wife says she saw them get in through the top hardware cloth (1"). I clearly underestimated how thin they can make themselves. We just worked from 2AM till 4AM finishing the top (that was hard at night).

Hopefully this works.

I don't like the idea of rats running around. Any pest control tips to get rid of them? Mouse traps are a no, it'll catch the hens instead, lol. What about rat hotels.. a hen wouldn't get in there, right?

Any thoughts? Thanks!
I've been having trouble with rats for awhile as well. Recently, I got a couple barn cats and I've definitely seen a drop in rodent activity. There are a couple of drawbacks, though, one of which is that they also go after other small animals (shrews, birds, etc.).
Get some rat poison and if you see holes, put the rat poison in the Hole and then cover it with a rock. Just be sure to not drop any or you chickens might get sick. And also if you get bricks, place then on the inside and outside on the coop on the sides. This will make it so the Rats can't dig
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It's a raised coop (see the video) and there are ZERO holes they bored through.

Tonight we'll see how my efforts played out-- but I still want them dead so they don't go after the chickens that roost outside.
My barn cats always have felt that adult rats are MY PROBLEM, not theirs. I tried traps and finally used poison. Notified the neighbors, locked up the chickens and cat, and set out broudificon. After about a week, no more bait was missing, so I pulled it, waited a few more days, and let everyone out. I never saw a dead or dying rodent, but they were gone. Last year, I did what CM did, and again, no bodies ever found. Rats are very smart, and won't fall for the trap that caught even one of their group. A nasty little terrier would work too, but would also love chicken! Mary
Thanks. Long story short- barn cats are not the solution. I live on .5 acres, anyways. It would piss off the neighbors and the cat would eat my hens.

Has anyone tried the rat motels?

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