Rationalization or compassion?


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Feb 22, 2008
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Today I stopped at the feed store after work to pick up some black oil sunflower seeds for treats for my hen, and couldn't resist looking at the chicks. Two of the Speckled Sussex had pasted butts, and I tried to tell the store help that it needed to be gently cleaned off, that it could eventually kill them. The clerk told me that most people buy them for pets and don't mind!! I offered to take them at a discount, but that didn't happen, so I went on home. BUT...i couldn't stop thinking about those poor chicks, so now they are with my five SLW's in the brooder, with clean, dry butts.

Now my question-was it a compassionate rescue or rationalization for more chicks???
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Jul 8, 2007
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Rte.66_chicks :

Now my question-was it a compassionate rescue or rationalization for more chicks???

Does it matter? Either way you got the chicks.


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Feb 26, 2008
I'm having this same problem. They aren't being probably cared for at our feed store either. They have about 10 in a brooder and all have really bad pasty butt. I hate seeing the wastefulness of it. You know that they won't all make it unless they are bought. I have to go by there tommorow and if they are still there I'm liable to bring them home.


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Mar 9, 2008
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We ran into a similiar situation when we went to the feed store last week. They had new chicks, bantams as small as a pinpong ball, with no heat light. It was there, just not on.
They sell to whoever comes in and wants chicks, whether folks know what they are doing or not. A lady bought one for her daughter so she could learn to "take care of something." That chick doesn't have a chance. The folks knew nothing about chicks. Just didn't want to tell the little girl no.
I know it's their business, but it is so wrong. So many of the stores' clerks don't know how to care for the chicks/ducks/bunnies, and sell to anyone coming in that wants one.
Okay, off the soapbox for the evening.


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Aug 22, 2007
Quote:Oh, i know. When we went in for our two ducklings, I expected at least a question or two, but no! Nothing...do they even care?
. I mean, you can't tell someone is knowledgable or has done research just by looking at them and I thought they might have thought we were getting them just because they were "So cute and tiny and make good presents" (NOT TRUE). They NEED to ask.

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There are a few who do care because I worked with them while I worked for an Atwoods store.
There was one lady who did everything she could to educate people buying chicks. I'm suprised more store associates do not do it because it helps sell other things like feed, feeders, waterers, heat lamps & bulbs, and other misc. items that go along with raising chickens.


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Mar 25, 2008
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Same here.

Feed Stores tend to throw them into a large brooder, give them feed and water...and thats it.

Not at all properly taking care of them.

Its sad to say, but there in it for the profit.

Bravo, to those stores who educate poultry buyers and care for the chicks properly!

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