Rats - arrgh


Nov 13, 2018
New Zealand
Thanks for the advice. I'll keep the traps out until it snows. I have been diligent with the food and water cleanup. Haven't seen any holes into the run for a week, and cleaned the coop down to the floor to ensure there were no holes getting in.
I wonder if one of those feeders would work with ducks since they are built differently than chickens.
Ah, maybe not if their fed wet feed. Sorry, have only ever helped with injured and diseased ducks, who are always fed wet so not sure if this is the norm.

One of the designs opens up to a trough though, so if the feed is offered dry then possibly that style could work. I personally prefer the gravity-treadles, but couldn't see that working for a billed bird as those have limited head clearance to prevent spillage.

There's heaps of DIY designs out there... it's essentially a hinged lid controlled by a wide foot pedal, so you could always build out something that would work for you and your flock specifically.

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