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  1. There's a rat in the house!!!! It's been stealing my father's Black Walnuts, getting into our trash, and keeping my parents up all night chewing the Black Walnuts in the walls and ceiling over their bedroom. I am having a Slumber Party for my B'day this Dec. and I need this rat gone! What can we do to get rid of this thing without using poison? The reason why I am so reluctant to use poison is because I want to get another cat or two after we discourage these 'yotes off our land and don't want to loose anymore cats to poison. I've lost a cat to rat poison before and it's not pretty. The poor cat suffered so bad.

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    Your best bet is to remove the food source from the house! Take out the garbage, and put the walnuts in an outside shed, or tarp them outside. Other than poison, you could use a live trap or a rat spring trap (like a mouse trap but bigger!). Supposedly, the "One Bite" poisons are not supposed to kill animals that eat the rat. You may want to check out the instructions on the label to be sure. Mice seem to be a problem this year for me too, even though I have 10 outdoor cats! Hmm, may have to fire some of them! [​IMG] Good luck!!

    Oh, by the way, if you think you only have one rat, think again! Where there is one, there are usually many! I'd check into the One Bite rat poison, and put the kitty up!
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    Ugh I feel your pain... As soon as the weather started to cool we suddenly have them tunneling into our garage and my coop. Apparently there is a two inch gap between the concrete slab underneath and the walls [​IMG] One even charged me the other day when I had it cornered!

    We've set traps for them but somehow they keep getting the food without setting the trap off, or they set the trap off but somhow manage to not get caught in it. Looks like we're going to have to switch to poison... Hopefully we'll catch them all in the garage and that will take care of the problem in the coop (the two buildings are attached and share an interrior wall). Those darn thigns are so frustrating!
  4. if you can get it outside by a food scource u could get some one with a harmless slug gun and blow it up wihout much noise or barley miss with a atomatic slug gun.

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