Rats / Other Rodents Burrowing Underneath Our Coop

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  1. ds329

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    Jun 18, 2009

    We have a problem with rodents from the neighbor's yard burrowing under our chicken coop and breaking open the eggs. It's also unfortunate because these rodents killed 2 of the original 3 chickens a year or so ago when they were first moved from inside to their coop. I would like to get another chick but don't want to go through all of that again until I know animals can't sneak into their home.

    So, right now the floor of the coop is just the earth. I was reading on this board that hardware cloth can help keep rodents out (something I hadn't thought of) but it seems like it would be somewhat difficult to clean.

    Would the hardware cloth be the best way to go? Originally I was thinking of laying down a concrete floor and covering it with dirt / straw. I'm assuming with a concrete floor the coop will have to be cleaned more often but how frequently? Also, are there any other cons to a concrete floor I may not be thinking about?

    I would greatly appreciate anyone's take. What may be the pros and cons of hardware cloth vs. concrete in this situation?

  2. You can bury the hardware cloth under the soil if you don't want to go with concrete (which can be spendy). I wish I could give you advice on it, but I don't know... We don't have rats here. Good luck and welcom to BYC!
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    Apr 25, 2009
    We went with 1/2 inch hardware cloth buried under the coop/run.

    It's a little expensive, but I'm hoping it will work. (Chicks only 1 1/2 weeks old.)


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