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    Sep 21, 2010
    How do you get rid of rats once you have them? I have used live traps, snap traps, one bite and the little poison bits that come in a tray. I put out poison every night the numbers decreased but, it isn't getting rid of all of them. I think there is one or two that aren't tricked by the poison I think they are starting to have babies again. What would you do. I really don't want them. [​IMG]
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    Buy a bait box, tractor supply has them. The blocks of posion slide onto little metal poles so the rats have to eat the posion, not grab the blocks, bring them back and store them. Also, make sure everynight you pick up the feed, and don't have any feed laying around. If you find the hole, you can stick a hose down it and fill up the hose with water, be ready with a shotgun when they come running out.

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