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  1. HI all,
    At about 5 pm today I let the chickens out of the coop to free range for a couple of hours before bed. I noticed they were all gathered around the lemon tree looking a little spooked. I went over to investigate and there was this HUGE rattlesnake under the tree. I ran off yelling for my son to come out to help me and then heard the roosters warning call go out. I think the snake tried to strike.

    My son took care of the matter but my question is, will a rattlesnake go after and or kill chickens? Will the chickens go after the rattle snake? I just didnt know what to expect. I am glad no one got hurt this time. Last year 2 rattlers got into my dog run and killed my little Yorkie, Abby. ( Love you Abby)
    Thanks for any help.....

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    I would imagine that rattlers would kill a chicken but not eat it. But if it were in my yard the only thing that snake would be eating would be buckshot. GET RID OF IT
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    Yep! My motto is and always has been if you have a predator of any kind:

    S - S - S

    Shoot - Shovel - Shut Up
  4. Snakes will not hang around if there is no food for them. If you have mice or rats you will have snakes thst are trying to make a meal out of them. I don't think rattle snakes will attackchickens unless they are provoked. But I am not sure that my chickens are smart enough to know to leave rattlesnskes alone .....
  5. SSS would be my plan too
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  6. SSS for me also.....
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    Another for S-S-S. I have killed several predators and had the county sheriff called on me for shooting a stray dog the neighbor was feeding. Yes, what a neighbor. He was feeding a stray and it was chasing cows and chickens. I have shot up to 6 stray dogs in a month because the dog catcher wont do nothin. Sheriff said I have the right to protect my livestock and said he would do the same thing, but in the case of a rattler I wouldnt hesitate to give it lead poisoning.
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    I don't do snakes! I had a black snake get some of my quail this year. I took care of that problem. Rattlesnake would be toast for sure. I prefer my trusty .22 over my shotgun but either works in a crunch.

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